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Announcement: Seminar "What counts? Material, Physical and Psychological Dimensions of Serious Gaming".

In the winter semester 2021, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Beate Ochsner, Prof. Dr. Steffen Bogen and Prof. Dr. Ulf-Dietrich Reips, the seminar "What counts? Material, physical and psychological dimensions of serious gaming" with the following content: 

The seminar will be about numbers or calculations around gaming. The whole thing could also be summarized under the motto of "calculating games": The question of what counts in a game can be asked with regard to the dimensioning of materials (which are also called counters in board games, for example), with regard to the participants (what counts for whom, in order to be able to compare the participants?), but also with reference to the observing disciplines with their own statistical procedures and evaluations. How is something counted by whom and for what purpose with reference to games? How do material, physical, and psychological dimensions come into play? How do "serious" dimensions of play emerge here on different levels: for example, in the "good balancing" of materials and coincidences, or useful learning effects that go beyond play? In the fortnightly mode, expert talks alternate with game testing sessions for the students.