Picture of Afif Ramdhasuma on Unsplash

Goals of the GameLab

One of the most fundamental goals of the GameLab is to promote, shape, and anchor game research on computer, board, and card games as well as ludic interactions at the University of Konstanz and beyond. Favoured by the interdisciplinary structure of Game Studies, the resulting diverse perspectives on computer games as a research object, as well as the high cultural relevance of gaming itself, the GameLab sees itself in a position to work across the sections of the University of Konstanz.

In the sense of a Core Facility, the GameLab pursues the goal of creating structures in which researchers can come together and exchange ideas, as well as plan and carry out their research projects together with the GameLab.

The GameLab achieves these goals on the one hand by establishing a (research) network and on the other hand by providing a technical infrastructure for conducting research projects.