Announcement: Seminar "Online Gaming 2"

In the winter semester 2021/2022, Prof. Dr. Beate Ochsner and her AG will again offer a seminar on online gaming with the following content following the seminar "Online Gaming 1": 

A seminar on online gaming naturally includes one thing above all else, namely online gaming. This is to be understood in the way that we will play different online games in smaller groups (max. 4-5 persons). The selection of the games will be made by us, we will divide the groups at the pre-meeting. For playing we will meet on Discord (an invitation will be sent to you via ILIAS). We would like to record the games themselves (November-December) via screencast (Wed., 17:00-18:30h), in parallel we will take notes on the games (mainly from the seminar leaders), furthermore we will try to get on the track of the games and the ways of playing with qualitative interviews. The latter, the concept of ways of playing, we would like to theorize on the basis of the data collected by you and us and on the basis of observations and develop methodological approaches to the analysis of digital game situations. The data will be analyzed in the groups starting in November under different questions to be worked out (January/February). During this time, we will hold weekly virtual sessions in which we will relate and discuss the gaming experiences, the data obtained, and existing research literature. This will be followed by writing up the results (10-15 p.) - also to be done in groups.