The Microsoft Adaptive Controller: Enabling/Disabling Practices between Work and Play

Markus Spöhrer, Dr. Phil.

Literature/Media Science/Working Group Ochsner

Project description:

The project investigates practices and effects that emerge through, with, and via game controllers in relation to players and digital gaming devices. Here, the focus is not only on standardized game controllers of popular gaming systems, but also on so-called 'accessible controllers' such as the Microsoft Adaptive Controller. The project assumes that (dis)abilities are the effects of medial practices and game processes, of interconnections between human and non-human actors and the enabling or disabling of agencies in hybrid collectives, which are to be analyzed using ethnographic methods. In the course of these practices and processes, so the thesis, attributions occur, reproduce, and solidify that are related to the discourses of work, play, and seriousness (keyword: serious gaming).