Gaming and Sustainability: A Representational Analysis of Political Sustainability Discourses in Analog and Digital Games

Luisa Hoffmann, M.A.

Media Science


Project description:

My project deals with the topic of "climate global transformation", which has become a ubiquitous media and socio-cultural debate in recent years and has also made itself felt in the games industry. Individual game manufacturers and producers have also taken up the topic, and game publications on the topic of "climate neutrality" and "global transformation" are currently being received worldwide as never before. Following on from this, this dissertation also examines the ways in which political discourses on sustainability are represented in games and uses them to analyze processes and models and to investigate historical change and the production of the games industry. Furthermore, the aim of this thesis is to position itself methodically in the aesthetics of reception and to further develop the method of art and media studies with the help of the selected case studies Ökopoly, Sauerbaum, Eco and Sims4 - sustainable living.